by @nic_the_

We find different ways to de-stress ourselves from our hectic life. One way to relax is by enjoying your favorite beverage and listening to good music while expressing ourselves through coloring. And I believe that your beautifully colored work should not just end up stored, hidden and forgotten.

Why not use them to inspire and encourage someone in your life. #ColorToInspire is designed for that - to be more than just your ordinary coloring book. A simple act of encouragement could have a huge impact in someone’s life. And I want to promote that healthy social environment for you and the people around you.

Each #ColorToInspire sheet is designed with a hand-doodled artwork and hand-lettered inspirational words. We encourage you to share your beautifully colored work with someone to brighten up their day, or show how much you appreciate them in your personal or work life. You can write a short message at the back or even frame it, to add a more personal touch. Anything that is made with a personal touch has more value. Keep on coloring and sharing! Color to Inspire!

~ 7 in. x 7 in. // white bristol board // 100 lbs. (219 gsm) // 12 sheets

No lose sheets // Padded for clean and easy tear

Color and share your beautifully colored inspirational words to encourage and inspire someone.

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